MOPA Cares


MOPA CARES is a program offered to each of the MOPA Families that have gone on an Adventure. This is just one more way that Moment of Peace Adventures sets itself apart from others. Our MOPA CARES PROGRAM reaches out to businesses, inviting them to help the MOPA Families however they can. Since most of these families are going through so much at this time in their lives, along with mounting medical bills and travel expenses. We are asking businesses to join us in helping these families.

How the Program Works:

Each participating family will submit a photo of their family which will be posted on this page and can be used by the vendor for verification that the family is a participating MOPA Family. Below you can see a list of the participating vendors and what they are providing, listed by State, Category, Name, Address, Phone Number, with a link to their website.

Click here if you are interested in joining the MOPA Cares Program!

We would like to give a special thank you to our first business, Leesport Diner, who is giving 20% off the bill of a MOPA Family for their next visit!

State Catagory Name Address Phone# Providing Link
PA Food          
    Leesport Diner 5407 Pottsville Pike Leesport PA 19533 484-277-7114 20% off Bill
    Cristina’s Family Restaurant & Pizzeria 500 Hoch Rd. Fleetwood PA. 19522 610-944-3200 20% off Bill, excludes specials
    ANDALI’S FAMILY RESTAURANT & PIZZERIA 40 S Centre Ave, Leesport, PA 19533 (610) 926-5507 20% off Bill, excludes specials
What Adventurers Say

Thank you for helping our oncology families throughout the year. You are appreciated every day!

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
What Adventurers Say

Thanks for letting us go on this amazing trip! We had so much fun. It was both exciting and peaceful!!! Having Brian and Carson both get their first deer the same day was pretty cool! We made many memories we will never forget! Thanks so, so much!

The Isamoyer Family
What Adventurers Say

Thank you for taking me on my hunting adventure! I had a wonderful time! It was cool that I shot my first deer and my dad, did too! My deer was very huge! Thank you.

Carson Isamoyer
What Adventurers Say

Dear Moment of Peace Adventures: Just wanted to express in writing how much I appreciate the hunting experience that you provided to me. Your organization provided to my Dad, Mom and me a "Moment of Peace Adventure", just like you name says. I have always enjoyed hunting in the woods with my Dad. I have been hunting in the past for white-tail deer and tried turkey hunting. I was born with spina bifida, and have always walked with forearm crutches. My Dad and I went turkey hunting the ...

What Adventurers Say

My trip was awesome! I would like to say a big thank you. Plus, I was so pumped up for the trip. And I want to thank Larry, Mike and Jeff for bringing supplies. I got a non-typical thats HUGE!!! I believe Moment Of Peace Adventures Is the best organization in the world. Thank you Moment Of Peace Adventures for having a memorable trip for me! Shane Moyer

What Adventurers Say

Matthew’s Buffalo Hunt I went on a buffalo hunting trip before my birthday. It was a good trip. Mom and Dad and Kevin and Tom and me went on the trip. We took the camper. We got the suitcases in the back. I got to sit in the front with Tom and we played music. We stopped for dinner. It was a really long trip. We stayed at High Ridge Ranch. There was lots of animal heads on the walls. Friday morning we ate breakfast. Then I practiced my shooting. I hit the target 2 times. RG took me...

What Adventurers Say

I really liked hanging out with the guys and dad. I also liked the chance to shoot a deer biger then Dads. we had lot's of fun playing pool. It was cool to track a deer. Thank you so much for the trip! I will never forget that weekend :)

What Adventurers Say

I would like to thank everyone involved for making my hunt a great experience. Everyone was friendly and made me and my Dad feel at ease. You made me feel special for the day. You have a great organization. Thank you!

Phillipp Wolff Jr.