Moment of Peace Adventures, Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to send youths, 18 and under, who have a severe physical disability or a life-threatening illness on a hunting or fishing trip. We hope to provide a memorable experience and a “Moment of Peace” where they can forget about their problems and enjoy the natural world. Please view photo galleries from our past adventures where we hope to have accomplished just that.

What Adventurers Say

Thank you for helping our oncology families throughout the year. You are appreciated every day!

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Thanks for letting us go on this amazing trip! We had so much fun. It was both exciting and peaceful!!! Having Brian and Carson both get their first deer the same day was pretty cool! We made many memories we will never forget! Thanks so, so much!

The Isamoyer Family

Thank you for taking me on my hunting adventure! I had a wonderful time! It was cool that I shot my first deer and my dad, did too! My deer was very huge! Thank you.

Carson Isamoyer

I would like to thank everyone involved for making my hunt a great experience. Everyone was friendly and made me and my Dad feel at ease. You made me feel special for the day. You have a great organization. Thank you!

Phillipp Wolff Jr.