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Wyatt Newhard



Wyatt Newhard's Story

Wyatt is a young boy who has been battling neuroblastoma cancer since the age of two. Wyatt is now 9 years of age and still fights to defeat his life threatening disease.

Wyatt Newhard's New Zealand Red Stag Hunt

October 18th-20th, 2013 

     On October 18th at 10:00 am we met Wyatt, his father Mike, and Uncle Dean at the Carlisle turnpike. We greeted each other, talked about the upcoming day’s events, and then headed our way to High Ridge Hunting Preserve. About two hours later hunger set in and breakfast was in order. After a good hearty breakfast at Perkins and a stop at the Steelers/Penguins souvenir shop, we were on the road again for our hunt. We arrived at High Ridge Hunting Preserve around 4:30. Shortly after arriving at the lodge, Wyatt spotted a few hogs, rams, and a fallow deer in the woods adjacent to the lodge. Wyatt was really excited now and began to unpack his gear, no help needed here, he did it all himself. Wyatt, after unpacking, met a man by the name of Paul who would in short time become a new friend. We settled in and got comfortable. We started getting hungry and invited Paul to dinner with us. Dinner was a great time to get to know Wyatt and his family. Paul, being a kind person, bought us all dinner and kept Wyatt entertained all through dinner. Back at the lodge a few words were spoken then a good night rests was in order.

    Morning came early at 6:00 am; we awoke to the smell of coffee, eggs, and sausage. We ate, as Wyatt got dressed for the day ahead. The morning was cold with a heavy frost. Wyatt met his guide Bob who let him drive the four-wheeler to his hunting spot. We followed on foot arriving behind Wyatt. The guide, Bob, set up the blind in a meadow and we quickly settled in. Sitting in the blind Wyatt spotted two hogs, which vanished as quickly as they were seen. Bob and the other guides started pushing the woods in hopes the stag would come our way. Thirty minutes later Wyatt spotted a trophy whitetail (17 points), which later in the day his new friend Paul would shoot, the stag, a cow elk, and five fallow deer. No shot presented itself. Shortly after that, the whitetail and stag reappeared. Again no shot. The guide met up with us and moved the blind to another location. Wyatt saw the stag and whitetail four more times but the stag never presented him with a shot. The blind was moved again and the stag was seen several more times. The stage new the property well and kept eluding us. At 11:00 am Wyatt started to get tired of sitting as said, “Dad I wish we could stalk this stag”. As luck would have it the guide Bob agreed. Stalking the stag, we saw him two more times. Both ten s us up on a ridge and pushed the bottom of the valley and as luck would have it the stag wandered into the field behind us. Uncle Dean whistled down to me to point out the stag. I told Mike, Wyatt’s father, to get Wyatt ready. Wyatt was ready as the stag trotted through the woods. Wyatt followed the stag and when the stag slowed, a well-placed shot sent the stag to the ground. Wyatt’s face was filled with joy and excitement. Congratulations were in order. The stag was truly a trophy 21 points and 800 pounds. Once loaded on the trailer we headed back to the lodge. Wyatt got some well-deserved rest and of to dinner we went.

      Sunday we got up early, pack our bags, and began the ride home to end our journey. Everyone had a great time with new friendships being formed. Congratulation Wyatt. You are a friend I will never forget and you changed my life forever.

Charles Sayer
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