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Tyler Hass


Tyler Hass's Story

My Name is Kevin Umberger and I am a member of Moment of Peace Adventures (MOPA) and the Host for Tyler Haas adventure.

Tyler is an 18 year old from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. At age 16, Tyler was involved in a motorcycle racing accident that left him paralyzed from the mid chest down and confined to a wheel chair. He graduated from Fleetwood High School in 2012, and is planning to attend either B.T.I or Thaddeus Stevens for drafting and design. Tyler still enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting, motorcycles, and video games.

Leon Blew and I met with Tyler and his family at their house on the evening of Oct 15th. After the meeting, the decision was made to hunt a whitetail buck at Gibbon Glade Whitetail Ranch. Leon made the arrangements with Gibbon Glade and asked Damien Rexrode to be the camera man. I had the privilege and pleasure of hosting Tyler and his dad, Jim, on his Moment of Peace Adventure hunt.

Tyler Hass’s Whitetail Buck Hunt

October 26-28 2012

    Leon and I picked up Jim and Tyler at 6:00 a.m. on the 26th. We met Damien and left for western Pennsylvania. We arrived at Gibbon Glade around 12:00 pm, had lunch, and prepared for the evening hunt. We left for the tree stand around 3:45 with our guide, Mike from Gibbon Glade. We settled in for the evening but didn't have to wait long for some action. There were several doe, a small ten-point buck, a small eight-point buck, and a huge buck, but no shot for Tyler. We left the tree stand at quitting time and saw the monster buck again on the way back to the lodge. The wonderful folks at Gibbon Glade had supper ready for us when we got back around 7:15 pm.

    Five a.m. came quickly Saturday morning, but everyone was excited to get back out to the tree stand. We left the lodge a little before 7:00, settled in, and waited for daylight. There were deer there almost immediately. A shooter buck came about 7:45, but Tyler decided to wait for a nicer one. Around 8:15, a flock on turkeys came in and Mike told Tyler he could shoot one if he wanted to. Tyler said yes, took the .410 shotgun from Mike, and made a terrific 20 yard shot on a large hen. This was Tyler’s first turkey. After lots of congratulations for Tyler, Mike retrieved the turkey and we settled back into our seats to wait for a buck. It didn't take long before some doe came through the area. Around 10:15 am, another nice buck came in, but didn't provide Tyler with a shot. We headed back to the lodge for lunch at 11:00 am.

    Tyler was beginning to doubt his earlier decision to pass on the buck. While we were waiting for lunch, Mike asked Tyler if he wanted a tour of the property. I suggested we take the rifle, and Damien said we should take the video camera. So we loaded up the 4-wheeler, and off we went. We spotted a real nice buck bedded on the side of a hill. Mike told Tyler he could get him to stand if Tyler wanted the buck. With a little persuasion, the buck stood up, and Tyler made a perfect shot on him at 25 yards with the 7mm .08 rifle. It was a beautiful ten pointer that weighed at least 250 pounds! After many congratulations, pictures, and smiles later, the hunt was over and Tyler had his first buck.

    I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to be a part of this hunt and get to know this young man and his dad. I hope this adventure will be as memorable for them as it is for me.

Kevin Umberger
Moments of Peace Adventures