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Adam & Luke Prokay



Adam's & Luke's Story

Adam & Luke both have Cerebral Palsy. Adam is 13 and Luke is 15 years old.

Luke's & Adam's Phillies Game

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

     The adventure started with MOPA picking up Luke and Adam Prokay for their Limo ride to go to the Philadelphia Phillies baseball game on Saturday June 1st. We also took with us their mother, Anita, their dad, Butch, and their cousin for their adventure.

     The Limo ride was provided by Michael's Limo Service and the kids enjoy the Limo ride almost as much as the game itself. We arrived at the Phillies stadium around 3:30 pm and made our way to the Herr's Snacks skybox. Herr's snack donated the tickets for todays game. In the skybox we had food, drinks and snacks for the day. The skybox had seats inside and out that you could watch the game from.

     The boys had a great time watching the game and eating. They enjoyed the end of the game when the Phillies made a come back in the 9th inning to almost win the game.     

Tomm Trupp
Moments of Peace Adventures