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Doug Fickel's 2nd Hunt

We took Doug on a deer hunt for the first time in Janurary of 2011 but mother nature did not cooperate. Doug was forced to deal with 16" of snow and temperatures in the 20's. After 8-9 hours sitting in a cold blind, without complaining, he never had a realistic chance to shoot a Buck and had to end the hunt empty handed. While he had a great time, and left with a huge smile, we decided we would grant Doug  a second chance. For his 2nd hunt Thomas Trupp and Damien Rexrode represented Moment of Peace Adventures and escorted Doug on his second adventure.


Doug Fickel's Deer Hunt

October 5, 2012

By Thomas Trupp 

     On Friday, October 5 2012, Damien Rexrode and I met Doug and his family in his house around 8:30 AM to start our drive to Gibbon Glade Whitetail Ranch, the location for Doug’s deer hunt. We were taking Doug’s dad, Doug Sr. and Doug to the ranch to start the deer hunt around 2:00 PM. The owner of Gibbon Glade Ranch, Chris Harbert, and the hunting guide, Mike met us at the ranch and joined us in the blind for the hunt.

     Friday brought some deer throughout the day, and we saw a shooter later in the day, but the Buck we wanted Doug to shoot did not give him a realistic shot all day. The Saturday hunt started around 6:30 AM, we had some rain and the weather turned colder with the temperature going down to 45 degrees. The morning started with some smaller Bucks and a doe but again Doug had nothing to shoot. We took a break for lunch, which provided Doug a time to rest and recharge himself for the afternoon hunt. The sun came out at around 2:30 PM and we went back to the blind. Within half hour we started to see lots of deer movement. At around 4:30 a large, 13 point Buck, that would score 163 3/4, appeared.  The Buck kept moving around for about ½ hour before Doug had a chance to get a clear shot. Doug fired, put a perfect shot in the Buck's chest, and the Buck ran about 30 yards before it fell over.

     It was a perfect ending for Doug’s hunt, he had a smile that lasted all day Saturday and continue through Sunday when we left him at his house with his family.