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Zachary Neill's Hunt



Zachary Neill is an outgoing 12th grader at Twin Valley High School. Zach is a typical teenager who loves music and a good steak. He spends alot of time with his brother, Josh who he teams up with to write and play music. Zach also has Duchenne's disease, a rare type of Muscular Dystrophy. This disease makes Zachary wheelchair bound but does not dampen his enthusiastic spirit for life. On October 4th, we headed on our 200 mile drive to High Ridge Hunting Lodge just South of Pittsburg. Along for the adventure were Zach, Harry his father, myself, Leon, John, Bruce (the MOPA team) and the owner of the lodge, Fred Kaminsky. Zach's wish was to harvest a Fallow Deer. After settling in at the lodge, we got together at a local restraunt for dinner and a Phillies playoff game.

The next day, our morning started off with a great, hearty breakfast made for us by Bob, one of our guides. Fred, the owner, and Mike, the other guide soon arrived to help us load up and head off to the blind in a gorgeous stand of trees. Like any other hunter, Zach was excited to begin his adventure. Leon, Bruce and I stayed behind in the cabin and soon after we heard shots in the distance. Our hope was that Zach had been successful. As we heard the truck coming up the road, we headed out to see Zach and his Dad with the thumbs up! Zach had been able to harvest a beautiful Fallow Buck, exactly what he had been after!

After many photos had been taken and congratulations given, Bob and Mike prepared the buck for Zach and his Dad. Many delicious meals and a gorgeous mount are in their future. Everyone headed into the cabin to listen to Zach excitedly retell his success story to everyone. At this point, Fred chimed in to share his adventures of hunting in Africa, which ended our adventure in a wonderful experience for all.

Spending the time with Zach and his father Harry, made us feel that they deserve a special recognition for the love and dedication they show to eachother. It was truly an honor to get to meet them both and share this Moment of Peace Adventure.


Written By: Joe Low